Eurodata provides financial, legal and accountancy expertise to its clients through a range of preferred suppliers. These suppliers are selected as the market leaders in their respective fields and are at hand to provide the best advice available to our clients.

  • Accountancy & Tax
  • Financial advise:

Some of the key areas dealt with by our financial partners are:


  • Protection from career threatening injuries, critical illness, life assurance to property and car insurance; to complete the overall protection picture so our clients can concentrate on their sporting careers whilst their families live with the peace of mind required.

Savings, Investments, Tax Planning, Pensions and Retirement Planning

  • We understand that the career span of even the most successful player can be relatively short. Consequently, the need to maximize savings and investment returns within a clients risk profile is paramount to fund the standard of living desired at the end of a career.

To aid this process Eurodata's clients and advisers are supported by dedicated financial planning and client management teams, who work behind the scenes to ensure our clients receive the all round service they require.